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Welcome to the designing part of making your vision come to life. Follow the simple steps given below and you will be on your way to getting the perfect sunglasses made for you!

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Pick a frame

Choose amongst the vast options of frame types including Cat eyes, Wayfarers, Retro Rounds, Aviators, and many more.

Pick a color palette

Pick the perfect color for your lens and the rims of your sunglasses. We have a wide gallery of color palettes!

Add degree

Whether you need prescription sunglasses to include a certain degree or not, we’ve got you covered! Simply fill in the power you need and our manufacturers will get it done.

Pick a lens

There are so many lenses to choose from. Decide amongst the various options of polarized lenses, photochromic, anti-reflective, and more. Make sure to choose the eyeglass lens material. You can choose between glass, plastic, and many more.

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