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Ready to start your eyewear line?

Just follow these simple guidelines below and you will be on your way to getting the perfect eyewear line made for you and your needs.

How does it work?

Tell us your requirements:

Whether you want the pieces to appeal to a younger audience or not, we will happily accommodate the idea into our designs. Make sure to explain your requirements thoroughly. Do you want a specific shape? What themes are the color palettes going to entail? Are there any minute details you may want to consider adding? These very details help us deliver the seamless and stress-free experience as well as designs that you wish to have.

Discuss your concept with us:

Simply set up a meeting with one of our representatives and describe your vision. We will explore the options together. Through these meetings, not only do we gain a deeper understanding of your idea, but we also pitch in on how you can tweak it up to gain more out of the concept. A two-way relationship is crucial for success and we make it work just the way you want.

You tell us what you want; We make it happen:

Our clients know that we always aim to please. Merely give us an idea of what the concept should base around and our team of well-trained and professional designers and artists will whole-heartedly accommodate the vision to life.

Sample Making:

As a client of ours, you will have the benefit of picking out the best pieces from samples that we provide. The samples are based entirely on the concept of your eyewear line.

Final Products:

The final products are delivered to you and are then ready to be sold. We hold high importance to what you, as our client, think of the piece in the end. Any changes you may want to make can easily be made so that you are pleased with what you get.

Experienced Designers

We hire the very best artisans in the field, to bring your vision to life. These field experts have worked hard in the designing industry for a long time and they know exactly what the client requires of them. Our team of designers constantly strives for new looks and pieces for the ever-changing customer base. 

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Ready to start your eyewear line?

World-class brands have worked with us to create their exquisite pieces of accessories. They have left our services feeling satisfied and content with the final products they received. We here at 2020 Optical CO. Ltd. are confident that you too will leave our services feeling fully content.



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